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Rick Wemyss
Hi and thanks for visiting our website. I’m Rick. I’m the guy who gets to pay the bills around here, that sort of makes me the main man I guess, but without the key staff we have here my job would be so much harder. Hi and thanks for visiting our website.
Ii’ve been a bike rider near all my life, starting out on my first bike at age 8 or 9, a Honda CT 70 farm bike (baby brother to today’s postie bikes).
Life has changed a bit from those early days of dirt bikes and farm life, though I still do have some of the scars from trying to defy gravity. As a passionate motorcyclist I set up my first shop mostly focusing on Harleys in 1989 called Twin Tech motorcycles. I was in the building trade at the time but soon realized that l knew more about bikes than the shops that I went to, and the thing that pissed me off me off then, and is still the case now in a lot of places is that they didn’t really give a shit about me or my bike.
I set out to change that, offer a better experience to those like me, who wanted better for their bike, I can’t change the world, but my little bit of it that l have control over I’d like to do it as well as l can.
So here l find myself in the NT, as a long time visitor I’ve always loved the place, the people, the lifestyle, the freedom, anyway as you have no doubt heard before, finally just couldn’t bring myself to go back to Queensland.
So here we are, a new shop for the bike people of Darwin, specializing in but not limited to Harley Triumph and Ducati, one that gives a fuck about providing you with the best service that we can.
Personally l have won many awards for my efforts in the bike business that l can feel proud of, including Live to Ride magazines bike builder of the decade, 1990 to 2000 (that makes me feel old),
AMI award presented at the 2006 Gold Coast bike week for the best bike shop (Queensland) with 5 employees or less (we had 5), Topping the class in S&S engine rebuilding tune and VFI mapping. Good stuff at the time, but more relevant to now is the new shop, new toys and good people that enjoy their work. To that effect, I am very pleased to have on staff Matt Johnson as a partner in Motorcycle Territory heading up the parts and bike sales section. Graeme Hilton as many long time locals would know is with us as well possibly the best regarded mechanic for his expertise on Yamaha Triumph and Ducati bikes, as a ex racer he understands how to set up a bike.
That’s enough from me for now, thank you if you have already been a customer and I invite you to visit us as a first timer.
corner of Hickman St and Stuart HWY Winnelle,
Darwin NT
08 8947 0042

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