Servicing INDIAN VICTORY Harley Davidson, Triumph and Ducati and metric cruisers
Motorcycle Territory, quality work at fair prices with great service specials. Maintaining your motorcycle is very important for safety, resale and longevity of you motorcycle with our fully equipped workshop we can offer you fixed price servicing and quality workmanship from our fully trained staff.
We stock a ever increasing range of road bike tyres, top brands like Dunlop and Pirelli, all competitively priced
We are Darwin leading performance centre, a range of packages that will get the most out of your bike, heads cams big bore exhaust and EFI mods, we are happy to discuss your needs with you and work out a package that best suits your requirements
At Motorcycle Territory customers service is our number one priority to ensure you are as happy, as your freshly serviced motorcycle, with attention to detail which is what you and your bike deserve. Time for a change? Then give us a go. We recommend for a minor service every 4,000 km and a major service at 8,000 to10,000 km depending on the model we also offer local pickup and delivery.
We have the backup service as well as the right knowledge to assist you in all services with genuine and aftermarket accessories.
For the best prices in Darwin call Motorcycle Territory now – 08 8947 0042
Please Note


  1. We can perform your scheduled handbook servicing during your warranty period without affecting the manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Some service schedules exceed current manufacturer specifications.
  3. We consider our service schedules reflect best care & practice for your bike in extreme conditions.
  4. Service schedules applicable to stock vehicles only customised or modified bikes may incur extra charges.
  5. Some procedures should be performed annually regardless of mileage.
    Ask us for details, you do have a choice
    Make the Change, Feel the Difference


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